Allergy & Itch Relief Shampoo Sample


Allergy & Itch Relief Shampoo Sample

CannaLove™ Allergy & Itch Relief Shampoo is a natural solution for preventing damage to your dog's sensitive skin caused by environmental and common household exposure.

CannaLove™ Allergy & Itch Relief Shampoo can soothe topical irritation normally associated with allergies, soaps and detergents, commercial shampoos and conditioners, leaving your pet clean and rejuvenated.

*This is a sample size product, as such, packaging and labels will be different. Limit one per household.

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1 fl. oz./30 mL


Doctor formulated

Bring the power of hemp to your dog's fur and scalp. CannaLove™ shampoos were developed using proprietary hemp technologies found in two U.S. patents!

Aids in hydration for healthy skin

CannaLove™ shampoos contain omega fatty acids, proteins, terpenes and other phytonutrients from hemp.

Anti-microbial peptide stimulation

Functional hemp extracts deliver powerful antioxidants to help prevent environmental damage to your pet's fur and scalp.

  • Antimicrobial peptide stimulation
  • Neutralizes pet dander and dust mite allergens
  • Destroys pet odors
  • Protein enriched for skin health and hydration

CannaLove™ Allergy & Itch Relief Shampoo includes a proprietary complex of Green tea extract, Oatmeal, Butterbur, Valerian root, Aloe vera, and naturally occurring Hemp fatty acids.


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