Anxiety Relief Shampoo Sample


Anxiety Relief Shampoo Sample

CannaLove™ Anxiety Relief Shampoo delivers the rich aromatic fragrances of Eucalyptus, Pear and Apple to create a calming atmosphere and a more enjoyable bathing exerience for your dog.

Emotional and environmental stress can cause your dog to become anxious and agitated. The calming effects of aromatherapy can help reduce this stress and create a more enjoyable bathing experience for your dog.

*This is a sample size product, as such, packaging and labels will be different. Limit one per household.

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1 fl. oz./30 mL


Doctor formulated

Bring the power of hemp to your dog's fur and scalp. CannaLove™ shampoos were developed using proprietary hemp technologies found in two U.S. patents!

Natural fatty acid esters promote feeling of well-being

CannaLove™ shampoos contain omega fatty acids, proteins, terpenes and other phytonutrients from hemp.

Ceramide production helps boost skin healing

Functional hemp extracts deliver powerful antioxidants to help prevent environmental damage to your pet's fur and scalp.

  • Eucalyptus extract boosts skin healing ceramide production
  • Natural pheromone fatty acid esters promote well-being effect
  • Soothing complex reduces agitation from unwanted skin conditions
  • Promotes feelings of well-being and safety

CannaLove™ Anxiety Relief Shampoo includes a proprietary complex blend containing Lemon balm, Ylang ylang, Horsetail, Hops, Sage, Rosemary, Nettle, Pear, Apple, Eucalyptus and naturally occurring Hemp fatty acids.


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