CannaLove™ Antimicrobial Shampoo is a safe and gentle solution to heal hot spots and skin irritations.

CannaLove™ Antimicrobial Shampoo controls dry, itchy and flaky skin caused by seborrhea or non-specific dermatitis. Safe and gentle for dogs of all breeds.

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16 fl. oz./473 mL


Doctor formulated

Bring the power of hemp to your dog's fur and scalp. CannaLove™ shampoos were developed using proprietary hemp technologies found in two U.S. patents!

Eliminates ringworm

CannaLove™ shampoos contain omega fatty acids, proteins, terpenes and other phytonutrients from hemp.

Heals hot spots and skin irritations

Functional hemp extracts deliver powerful antioxidants to help prevent environmental damage to your pet's fur and scalp.

  • Heals hot spots and skin irritations
  • Eliminates ringworm and relieves parasitic infections
  • Topical application for wounds, cuts, burns, abrasions, sores, and skin irritations
  • Superior control of topical virus, fungus and bacterial problems
  • Safe, non-toxic and alcohol free

CannaLove™ Antimicrobial Shampoo includes a proprietary complex of Urea, Honey, Soap bark, Chamomile, Nettle, Rosemary, Industrial hemp, Hops, Henna, Horsetail, Sage and Eintergreen


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